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- Design & Illustration
- Metalworking, Mechanical
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- Building & Plumbing
- Food Preparation

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Perché l'Australia

Why Australia

Australia has a quality of life and level of economic well-being that is among the highest in the world. In addition to being one of the most beautiful countries in the world from a naturalistic point of view, Australia is one of the first countries to have escaped from the global economic crisis. GDP on a quarterly basis (October-December 2011) rose by 0.4% with a 2011 year end estimate total of 1.8%.  [Continue]
Working in Australia

Working in Australia

Australia offers you the chance to face a new challenge, live new job experiences, enhance your professional and personal qualities, in a place, Australia, which represents the true potential for your future.  [Continue]
Studying l'Australia

Studying in Australia

In Australia you will find excellent Colleges and Universities that are able to meet, both due to their quality and merits, your every scholastic need, for knowledge, professionalism and research, from the acquisition of an excellent level of written and spoken English, to the attainment of internationally recognized professional qualifications and academic titles.  [Continue]
Business in Australia

Business in Australia

Australia Way provides companies and individual entrepreneurs the opportunity to invest their human and economic resources and their know-how, in one of the most beautiful and richest countries in the world, in terms of its environment, economy and international relations.  [Continue]