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With Australia Way you can enhance the quality of your business, expand your BUSINESS, start up and /or import your own business in Australia.

Australia Way provides companies and individual entrepreneurs the opportunity to invest their human and economic resources and their know-how, in one of the most beautiful and richest countries in the world, in terms of its environment, economy and international relations.

Services provided by Australia Way*

  • Free initial evaluation questionnaire of your business in Australia;
  • Certified evaluation by Australian Immigration Agents that cooperate with Australia Way, designed to verify the personal requirements to start up your business in Australia;
  • Marketing and market analysis throughout Australia;
  • Specialized consulting in identifying, according to the profile and individual needs, the documents, requirements and the type of visa necessary, in order to start up a business in Australia;
  • Compiling the visa application, preparation of forms required, information and professional assistance during all stages of the procedure;
  • Promotion and development of commercial relations between Australian and international companies, for the creation, distribution and sale of products and services throughout Australia;
  • Fiscal, legal, banking, healthcare and insurance advisory for your business in Australia;
  • English language courses: General, Academic or Business English, High School Preparation, preparation for IELTS and Cambridge exams;
  • Searching and locating apartments, hotels, residences, hostels, campus, or accommodation with Australian families, for any chosen destination in Australia;
  • Researching and identifying areas for offices and company sites to start and develop a business in Australia;
  • Translation and certification of documents;

* and/or its partners

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