Australia Way is an Australian law entity created to facilitate the diffusion of Australian culture throughout the world and to promote social, cultural, and commercial relations, with and for Australia, as a sign of quality, development, creativity and innovation.

All information related to immigration issued by Australia Way to its users is prepared by Australian Immigration Agents legally recognized and accredited.

Australia Way directly and/or through its partners carries out administrative services of translation, research, promotion and organization in various fields, for the benefit of its users, and provides clerical assistance to prepare or help in preparing applications and/or documents.

Australia way is not responsible for:

  • activities related to immigration visas for Australia and/or the granting and/or refusal of visas by the Department of Immigration in Australia; such activities and/or responsibilities are dealt with by the registered migration agent and migration lawyer designated for this purpose;
  • services provided by third party suppliers;
  • loss or damage of any documents delivered to it by the client, nor for any consequential damages and/or losses deriving from such.

Therefore, by using the services offered by Australia Way, the client specifically agrees to the above statements, assuming all risks and responsibilities.

Legal Notes

Immigration matters and consultancy will be exclusively provided by Ms. Maryann Young, Migration Lawyer (Migration Agents Registration Number 0318541), and Mr. Ivan Chait (Registered Migration Agent umber 9253612).

Australia Way Pty Ltd does not provide immigration assistance, but will:

  • provide clerical assistance to prepare or help prepare applications or any other kind of document before it is submitted to a migration agent;
  • provide, even through third party suppliers, translation or interpretation services to help prepare an application or other documents;
  • provide marketing services;
  • organize various type of events (seminars, shows, lectures, etc.).